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SUIT was created for everyone, everywhere. We provide makeup staples to compliment both professional and personal kits.

Our products are the companion for any individual on the go who wants their makeup to work and play as hard as they do.  


Inspired by summer and debuting our first collection in a travel kit, we’re SUIT for those who seek an effortless look that can be worn wherever they go.


SUIT was founded to be used as a platform for giving.

With every travel kit sold, a hygiene kit is created to supply foster teens and young adults in transitional homes and emergency shelters.



Gabrielle Pascua, founder of SUIT beauty, is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist based in Los Angeles. In 2016, she followed her dream of creating her own beauty line - and violia! SUIT was founded. Battling with mainstream standards of beauty from a young age, Pascua found security in the intimate art of makeup, thus transforming her disillusionment into a successful beauty career.

Inspired by vanity room conversations, Gabbi wanted to build a platform that breaks modern-day perceptions of beauty while connecting and building a positive community. When it comes to her artistry, she believes that makeup should be worn with ease, accentuating a person’s most favored assets rather than altering them. As the founder of SUIT, she made it her mission to capture this beauty-positive mindset and translate it into a brand that promotes individuality, confidence, and connection.

Dedicated to working with non-profit organizations like The Beyond Project and Awaken Arts to service at risk youth, teens, young adults, and the LGBTQ community... SUIT is more than a cosmetic line - it is a conversation on modern beauty and the luminosity that is in all of us.