/ so͞ot /
be convenient for or acceptable to.


Founder Gabrielle Pascua started SUIT in 2016 after years of travel, work, and vanity room conversations as an Emmy-nominated makeup artist. 

She dreamt up an all-inclusive brand that would speak truth to power and help people see the light within themselves, not cover it up with someone else’s idea of what’s beautiful.

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So SUIT was created with you in mind; the dreamers, hustlers, globetrotters, and unique souls who courageously take on the world every day.

Because the products you use help you face the world, and those products should be uncomplicated, of quality, and a compliment to your everyday life.

But we’re not here to tell you what looks good or what you should be putting on your face. We’re just here to give you the tools to empower the look you want and let your beauty speak for itself.

Because beauty isfor all.